Insights of the 2nd Community offline meeting in Dubai

July 13, 2023
During the meeting there was an intense discussion about the best strategy: launch on a marketplace or a D2C company. Also, speakers shared their expertise on internal advertising on Noon and strategy on Amazon from start to exit.
Below are some insights from the meeting:
Break even is typically reached in 7 months
Net profit at a marketplace - 20-25%
TikTok ads drive sales best of all - lead the traffic direct to Amazon or Noon listings
50 AED is the best price to create a profitable company; you may add several items at the price of 30-40 AED just to drive traffic to your brand
Flipping helps you build a bigger company: buy a fresh growing brand and add it to your Amazon profile - enjoy an overall growth
One businessman shared his experience of creating and selling 3 brands which brought him 30 months of profit (EBITDA x 2,5)
15 000 AED is the bottom line for starting a business on a marketplace in Dubai
Speakers of the event:
Nouman Mehmood Shahdai
Founder & CEO of Digixcommerce, 7-Figure Seller
Dani Gagarin
Product manager at Yalla!Hub
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