Latest trends
in the E-commerce industry

November 30, 2023
How to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and implement strategies for achieving sales and marketing success. Exploration of the latest trends in the eCommerce industry and strategies for adapting to evolving consumer behaviors to achieve success in sales and marketing.
Key Points:
Recent popular E-commerce trends
Tools utilized during holiday seasons to boost eCom sales
Hacks for customer attraction
The main challenges in collaborating with influencers
Vidisha Debsarkar
Director, Online Business & Marketing, Finmart
Leo Dovbenko
CEO of Yalla!Hub digital distributor
Omar Al Ashi
Founder and CEO of the First Marketplace in the World for Listing & Renting Everything Mobility, Urent
Aleksandra Shoman
Creative director and CEO FORSTRONG women's sportswear brand
Below are some insights from the meeting:
Easy ways to earn a 50% margin in a market 15 times larger than the UAE
Nikita Terekhov
Director of OZON MEA & Asia
E-commerce market structure, key metrics
B2C cross-border logistics
Store foundation, order processing, shipment, settlement
Leveraging Social Media for E-commerce Success: The value of developing an online presence through blogging and showcasing business management on social media.
Leonid Dovbenko
CEO, YallaHub Digital Distributor
UAE E-Commerce trends: adapting to shifting consumer behaviors for sales and marketing success.
Vidisha Debsarkar
Director, Online Business & Marketing, Finmart
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